The Firm

Founded by professionals each with more than 20 years of experience in the practice of law, MacDowell, Melo e Leite de Castro Advogados serves Brazilian and foreign companies with the clear purpose of forming lasting relationships and enabling their success, with personal involvement of its partners, to maximize the efficiency and quality of the services, tailored according to clients’ needs, while at the same time charging reasonable fees.


The practitioners of MMLC have extensive experience in handling complex legal questions by formulating creative and efficient solutions for each client’s purposes. Our team members put themselves in the client’s place, to gain a thorough understanding of each business transaction so as to offer legal consulting that aggregates value.


With offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, we have a team of highly specialized lawyers who always work guided by these principles, with extensive experience, allowing them to have a broad and objective vision of each transaction, so as to provide legal services that are efficient and integrated with clients and their other advisers.